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Fly Tying Tutorial - Marabou Euro Jig Streamer

Fly Tying Tutorial - Marabou Euro Jig Streamer



Jig streamers have become very popular over the last several years. This pattern that is tied by Ben John is a versatile pattern that can represent different baitfish and sculpins. The marabou tail provides excellent movement in the water and the 4.5mm tungsten bead allows it to sink in a hurry. Try fishing these upstream and adding some additional movement on the dead drift!






Material List:


Hook: Umpqua X-Series XS506 Sz 4

Bead: Firehole Slotted Tungsten Stones 4.5mm Copper

Thread: Veevus GSP White

Tail/Body:Wapsi Strung Marabou Cream

Collar 1: Hareline Senyo's Laser Dub Brown

Collar 2: Hareline Senyo's Laser Dub Light Olive


  • https://www.precisionflyandtackle.com/x-series-xs506-bn-jig-hook.html
  • https://www.precisionflyandtackle.com/firehole-stones-slotted-tungsten.html
  • https://www.precisionflyandtackle.com/veevus-gsp-thread.html
  • https://www.precisionflyandtackle.com/wapsi-strung-marabou.html
  • https://www.precisionflyandtackle.com/senyos-laser-dubbing.html


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