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Fly Tying Tutorial - Strolis' Ice Pick

Fly Tying Tutorial - Strolis' Ice Pick

Rich Strolis' Ice Pick was designed for chasing large brown trout in river systems. This articulated pattern can be tied in many different sizes and weights to accommodate a variety of fishing conditions.


Material List:


Gamakatsu B10S Sz 6 (Back) & Sz 2 (Front)

Veevus 140 Power Thread White

Wapsi Strung Marabou Shad Gray

Nature's Spirit Fish Hunter Marabou Heron Gray (Alternate)

Hareline Black Barred Rabbit Strips White

Wapsi Barred Rabbit Zonker Strips White (Alternate)

Wapsi Palmer Chenille Medium Pearl Grey

Hareline 3D Beads Black

EP Craft Fur Brush 3" Grey/White

Senyo's Laser Dub Silver Minnow Belly

Senyo's Laser Dub White

Fish Skull Baitfish Heads Silver Small/Medium

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  • https://www.precisionflyandtackle.com/fishskull-baitfish-heads.html


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